Tingley® Supplier Showcase

Over 120 Years of Quality & Excellence

Harsh conditions require extreme protection, and who does it better than Tingley®? 

Since 1896, Tingley has been developing high performance boots and apparel made from the world’s most innovative materials and manufacturing processes for the ultimate in industrial worker safety. From a humble bicycle tire plug company to today’s world leader of personal protective equipment (PPE), liquid proof footwear and safety apparel, Tingley gives hardworking men and women the safety and comfort they deserve. 

We partner with Tingley to bring you the quality PPE options you need combined with our dedicated service and support that you have come to expect.  Together, Empire Safety & Supply and Tingley are committed to improving the safety and comfort of the industrial workforce. 

Tingley offers a variety of safety products including: 

  • Protective Footwear
  • Safety Jackets, Coats & Vests
  • Protective Pants, Suits & Overalls
  • High Visibility Apparel
  • Flame-Resistant Apparel
  • Arc-Flash Suits
  • Waterproof Apparel


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