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180 Years of Gas Detection Expertise and Know-How

Some work environments are hazardous to your workers’ health. 

Did you know that in critically low oxygen levels, a person can lose consciousness in 40 seconds and die within minutes? Whether it’s flammable or explosive gases and vapors, oxygen deficiency or toxic gases like hydrogen sulfide or carbon monoxide, these deadly dangers are often unseen to the naked eye and not detected by smell. Within seconds, an unknowing worker can fall victim to injury, suffocation or even death. These risks multiply when working in confined spaces such as underground vaults, tanks, access shafts, trenches and sewers and silos. 

In hazardous work environments, effective gas detection equipment is often the only thing that stands between your workers and these invisible dangers. Once hazardous levels are detected with gas monitoring devices, supervisors and attendants can take the critical steps necessary to mitigate danger and avoid potentially deadly consequences. 

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That’s why Empire Safety & Supply is proud to partner with RKI Instruments. With over 180 years of combined industry experience, RKI Instruments is the company that workers everywhere trust for life-saving portable and fixed gas detection equipment, calibration stations and confined space entry devices. They offer reliable and durable confined space monitors, fire and hazmat gas detectors, Biogas monitoring, nitrogen monitoring for hospitals, and so much more. 

When you choose from RKI Instruments available through Empire Safety & Supply, you can confidently protect your workers with state of the art gas detection equipment. You can put your life on it.

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