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The Pioneer in Science & Innovation

Did you know there are disposable protective garments designed to meet every level of exposure? That’s right. Whether you just need light protection from dust and dirt or heavy-duty protection from chemicals, hazardous materials or flammable gases and vapors, there are options that can meet your needs and your budget. See for yourself:

The Four Levels of PPE According to the EPA 

Level A: Highest level of respiratory, skin and eye protection

Level B: High levels of respiratory protection, but reduced skin protection

Level C: Reduced respiratory protection and skin protection

Level D: No respiratory protection and minimal skin protection

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Without the right protection, workers are at increased risk of illness, injury and even death. Not only is disposable clothing a viable protective option from many contaminants, it’s often an affordable option as well. 

To ensure every person has the safety equipment they need to work safely, we’ve partnered with DuPont™ to provide you with disposable clothing options that offer the ultimate in protection. With over 200 years of experience, DuPont™ has a vast history of using innovation and science to develop PPE solutions that solve the safety problems faced by a global  workforce. First Responders, Medical Personnel, Industrial Workers and the Military rely on DuPont™ for protection in the most dangerous occupations known to man.

DuPont™ makes quality protective and disposable clothing to serve a number of industries including:

  • Industrial Safety
  • Automotive Painting
  • Medical Industry
  • Military Personnel
  • BioHazard Teams
  • Agricultural
  • Emergency Response and many more!

Among the most notable disposable garments developed by DuPont™ are:

  • Controlled environment apparel & accessories
  • Industrial personal protection
  • Tyvek® protective garments

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Keep on the lookout for even more quality DuPont™ Safety Products from Empire Safety & Supply.

Together, Empire Safety & Supply and DuPont™ are committed to improving worker safety through top-rated products, in-depth education and awareness. You know you can always depend on Empire Safety & Supply to be there for you when you need us the most. If you have questions about choosing the right disposable garment, just call or stop by. We’re here to help.

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