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A Tradition of Excellence for 100 Years

Empire Safety & Supply is proud to partner with Bullard®, a leading manufacturer of personal protective equipment designed to provide unmatched safety and performance for the global workforce.

From the invention of the hard hat in 1919 to today’s thermal imaging technology, Bullard® has paved the way for human safety in a variety of industries including construction, utility markets, healthcare and fire & rescue safety. 

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Did you know that over 8 million U.S. healthcare workers are exposed to hazardous drugs and airborne illnesses every year? When exposed to these hazards, healthcare workers, janitorial technicians and emergency personnel can develop serious health conditions such as cancer, infertility, organ failure, birth defects, or even death. Those numbers don’t begin to include the dangers faced by industrial workers every day. Dangers that include toxic gases and vapors, dusts, particulates and fibers. When your workday requires a little more than the bare minimum, you need gear that can see you through. 

Protecting those that serve us is Bullard’s mission. That’s evident in their commitment to engineering innovative solutions for a healthy and productive workforce. And it’s why Empire Safety & Supply believes each worker deserves only the best safety and personal protective equipment that exists. 

Whether you need respiratory protection, head and face protection or body temperature management solutions, you can rely on Empire Safety & Supply to deliver the best equipment at competitive pricing. Our partnership with Bullard® and their 100 years of experience allows us to deliver what you need, when you need it the most — Peace of Mind.

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